• Original Czech product!
  • Unique formula with adapted goat milk
  • Positively assessed by the Czech Pediatric Society

The CORN-RICE CEREAL WITH PEACH AND PUMPKIN is suitable starting at the age of five months, as a part of a well balanced diet which is not the only source of nourishment of infants and small children.

Suitable also in the case of gluten free diets of older children and adults.
The unique combination of peach, pumpkin, grains and goat milk is a suitable part of the diet in case of digestive tract diseases (stomach, liver, pancreas), even in adults.


This cereal belongs amongst gluten-free ingredients. Its digestibility is good, even though it contains branched starch polysaccharides which are its main nutrients. Corn flour is rich in protein and unsaturated fatty acids. The minerals and trace elements brought into an organism via corn flour support haematopoieses and bringing oxygen to cells. 


Rice instant flour is characterized by very good digestibility which makes it a significant source of energy acquired by the easy and fast breakdown of spare starch polysaccharides with linear structure. This type of instant flour contains hardly any vegetable oil / fat. The rice, or corn-rice cereal is suitable in the early stages of implementing mixed food after five months of age and furthermore in the case of a gluten-free diet of older children and adults. 


Peaches are a very well digestible fruit which represents a minimum thread regarding allergic reactions even in sensitive individuals. It brings to the organism its high content of carotenes – provitamins of the vitamin A. Furthermore, it contains some vitamins of the B group which has a positive effect on development and activity of the nervous system. Thanks to the high content of fine fiber with swelling capacity, it stimulates the stomach content, positively affects peristalsis and works as a natural laxative. Peaches have an alkalizing effect on our bodies. 


Pumpkin belongs in the Cucurbitaceous plant family. The pumpkin flesh contains an exceptional amount of carotenoides and pectin. It is also a very good source of vitamins (C, B1, B2, B6, E, niacin) and minerals (potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, silicon and copper). The base-forming of the pumpkin flesh along with the gel-forming pectin fiber support proper function of digestive tract and thanks to optimization of pH for vital digestive enzymes. A high content of potassium supports drainage and helps with constipation.


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