• Original Czech product!
  • Unique formula with adapted goat milk
  • Positively assessed by the Czech Pediatric Society

OAT CEREAL WITH PLUMS AND APPLES with goat milk for infants at least six months old, as a part of a well balanced diet, where it is not the only source of nutrition of infants and small children.

It tastes delicious and is very filling.



Instant oat flour is characterized by a high nutrition value thanks to its natural content of beta-glucans, lecithin and vitamins B group. The high content of proteins, unsaturated fatty acids and minerals justifies adding the oat flour in baby cereals after six months of age. The dissolvable and dissoluble form of fiber of the instant oat flour has a direct effect on the support of digestion processes. They are also very filling. 


Plums are characterized by a high content of some vitamins (biotin - vitamin H, vitamin B12 – cobalamin, antioxidant vitamin E) and minerals. Rich mainly in potassium (supports heart function, nerves and muscles), phosphorus (supports metabolism, creation of bones and teeth), iron (aids in blood creation and delivering oxygen to cells), magnesium (metabolism support, brain and muscle activities), calcium (formation of bones and teeth) and they contain small amount of sulfur and zinc. Plums are a natural, reliable, gentle and non-addictive laxative, suitable even for children. 


The apple is one of the first fruits that is included in the infant menu when starting to feed your baby solids. Apples contain fine, gel-forming fiber supporting digestion and protecting the intestinal mucosa. Apples are rich in organic acids (apple, lemon and salicylic). With a low level of sodium, they have high potassium content, and they also have manganese, copper and zinc. The carbohydrates in apples are mainly the quickly digestible simple sugars (fructose, sucrose and glucose). Apples are a gentle laxative thanks to their natural Sorbitol content. Apples contain vitamin C, carotenes, vitamins B1, B2, B6, nicotinamide, biotin, pantothen and folic acids.

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