RICE Goat cereal

  • Original Czech product!
  • Unique formula with adapted goat milk
  • Positively assessed by the Czech Pediatric Society

RICE Grain-goat milk cereal is suitable beginning at the age of four months, as a part of a well balanced diet - not the only source of nutrition of infants and small children.
It is also suitable for gluten-free diets in older children and adults.


This is the first choice when introducing grains on baby’s menu. It represents a significant source of energy with excellent digestibility as a result of linear structure of starch molecules. Other assets are the almost nonexistent amount of fat and absence of gluten.

Advantages of rice:

  • excellent source of starch polysaccharides for residue-free digestion
  • proteins without the presence of gluten suitable even for individuals suffering from celiac disease
  • helps to regulate optimum blood sugar level.

PREBIOTIC – Orafti® Synergy1

This is a patented combination of inulin molecules from chicory with selected lengths of chains enriched by a specific particle of oligofructose.

A clinical study with Orafti® Synergy1 has proven that this product, with a daily intake of 8 g demonstrably increases utilization of calcium in adults.


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