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At a time where we are plagued by an increasing number of allergies and intolerances to some components of food, it is important to allow to a child’s body to gradually ”get familiar“ with all components of the future nourishment; all at the right time – thus at the time of the open “window of opportunity“.
The “WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY“ can be characterized as a period in the lifetime of an infant when it is necessary to start introducing baby’s first cereal with components for which the body needs to form digesting mechanisms necessary for proper digestion and development of the child. That minimizes the risk of formation of food intolerances (risk of creation of a food allergy). Currently, the period between the fourth to sixth months of a child’s age is considered the optimum time to start introducing baby food (including cereal) for both breastfed and non-breastfed children.

GOAT CEREALS are, thanks to their unique composition, ideal to be included on an infant’s menu starting as early as from the completed 4th month (Goat Rice cereal) and they are designed to start up the proper digestion of milk different than the mother’s milk!

By including the GOAT CEREALS on your baby‘s menu, you help encourage the proper development of her digestive tract which, besides digestion, also aids in the overall resistance against developing various allergies even beyond her childhood.


Goat cereals are an ideal FIRST DAIRY BABY FOOD for all healthy infants and babies, helping to ensure proper development of the enzyme system necessary for trouble-free digestion. 

They are especially suitable for infants and small children:

  • nursed (the structure of goat milk resembles the breast milk the most)
  • using HA (hypoallergenic) baby formula
  • suffering from any form of eczema
  • suffering from digestive issues, gas and constipation.


Thanks to Goat cereals, the ability to digest milk proteins correctly and sufficiently begins to naturally build.

Maturing of the digestive system and consequently its proper functioning are important not only for proper digestion, minimization of risk of developing an allergy or intolerance, but also for proper development of a child’s immune system. 

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